Personal Development Quotes

Personal Development is something that we all should work on.  Quotes from sources who have wisdom in the area that you need improvement in can be very helpful when you are attempting to change your personal life.  For example, how many times have you broken a new years resolution.  Every year you say, "I'm going to live up to my goals this year," and every year you accomplish nothing.

I've done this for years.  However, once I began to read and meditate on the words of some of the greatest people I became motivated to follow through with my dreams.

Remember, it's not enough to just read.  It's important to also think about what each person is saying and create ways to incorporate their words of wisdom into your personal life. Then make statements such as, "I am" and "I can" to give you that extra motivation.  These declarations will aid you in your development by making you more focused and determined.

So far I've broken this personal development section into two parts- Health/Life Quotes and Spiritual Quotes.  More quotes will be added periodically so check back often.

Here are the lists of personal development quotes below:

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