Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joel Osteen Quotes-Negativity

Here are some great Joel Osteen Quotes that I find helpful when I am consumed with negativity.

“Our words set the direction for our lives.”~Joel Osteen Quotes

“Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life.”~Joel Osteen Quotes

“You have to change on the inside before change will happen on the outside.”~Joel Osteen Quotes

“You cannot mentally brand everything negative and expect to live a positive, happy life.”~Joel Osteen Quotes

The next time you start thinking “I can’t...” or “I don’t have what it takes...,” attack those negative thoughts with the truth by declaring, “I have what it takes; I am well able; and I am equipped by His divine power at work in me!” Joel Osteen Quotes

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Negativity has a huge impact on how successful you become.  Your thoughts effect your actions and the way people respond to you.  For example, if you keep saying that you’re not good enough, you will begin to act like you’re not good enough.  You start to avoid opportunities because of feeling inadequate.  You become drawn to those who treat you like you are not good enough and allow them to continuously take advantage and mistreat you.  Yes, these are some of the many effects thinking negatively can have over you.  It causes you to make bad decisions and bad decisions produce even more negative thoughts.

That is unless you can break the cycle of negativity.  Breaking the cycle of negative thinking involves detoxifying the mind-out with the old, in with the new.  When you hear negative thoughts creeping in, replace them with positive words. 

It’s going to take some practice but the benefits will be life changing.  You will find yourself facing challenges fearlessly.  Instead of running away from opportunities you will be changing them.  In relationships you will not allow others to treat you like less of a person because you now know that you deserve more.  You’re radiance will attract more positive people into your life-people who value you as a person.

When you eliminate negativity your possibilities and positive experiences become endless.  You will meet challenges and you will have bad experiences but the positive will outweigh the negative.  When bad situations do arise you will be able to bounce back quickly since you now have more control over the way you process experiences.


I can release all negativity from my mind and renew my spirit no matter what I may experience in life.

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