Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspirational Power Quotes

Below are some thought provoking power quotes that can help anyone who is feeling powerless.  Build the power of your mind by meditating on these quotes.

“Adulthood is an achievement, one that requires—and results in—personal power.” How to Feel Less Powerless, Deepak Chopra

“To have a core self is to be the author of your own story; it is the exact opposite of being a victim, who must live a life authored by others.” How to Feel Less Powerless, Deepak Chopra

“Personal empowerment is essentially an allowance by which you permit yourself to access and accept all of who you are while genuinely trusting yourself, not selling yourself short or putting yourself down within any part of your reality.” Joseph Fedorowsky

“…your personal power is a significant aspect of who you already are. It is not something that is separate or apart from you which you need to obtain, control or measure.” Joseph Fedorwsky

“When you think a thought, you issue a command. Your servant obeys by manifesting the thought in the physical world where it becomes the things and events in your life. Thus, physical reality is a mirror of your thought patterns. Change your thought patterns, and you change the reflection in the mirror. In other words, you change your life.” Peter Kelder

““I demand happiness, power, and prosperity right now."… When your command is spoken aloud, it becomes a mantram, or plainly stated, a device you can use to stimulate your superconscious mind into action."
The word power is a good one, because it will help bring about health, strength, and vitality in your physical body. And on a mental level, it will empower you to become master of your own destiny.” Peter Kedler

“Research into this area has proven the people who walk greatly benefit their brains. Walking increases blood circulation. At the same time that blood circulation is increasing, glucose and oxygen are reaching the brain in increased amounts.” Peter Kedler

“The ability to visualize clearly can be developed, and this can be fun. Exercises for developing this ability will at the same time also improve your ability to concentrate, and as a bonus, you might find that you gain a power which you can use to shape and improve your life.” Remez Sasson

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