Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspirational Generosity Quotes

Generosity is a vital aspect of being human.  Without the generosity of those around us this world would be even more chaotic. May these generosity quotes inspire you to make this act a fundamental part of your daily life.

“Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who want to borrow.” Mathew 5:42

“Be generous and lend them (the poor) whatever they need.”Deuteronomy 15:8

“Make a list of your blessings, thanking God for the experiences, people, and things that are tangible reminders of God’s generosity in your life…as we remember how generous God has been with us, we can’t help but look for ways to show our generosity to others!” Scott Owings, Heartlight Magazine

“Everyone, everything I encounter on my path, and how I respond to it, becomes part of me.  And so, I cannot always give money, but I can always give my good wishes, I can always say good morning.” S. Donovan Mullaney

“…the worth of a gift isn’t only measured in monetary value, or how useful an item is, it’s the intention of the giver, and the gratitude of the recipient. S. Donovan Mullaney

“Start at home, keep it simple and maybe open your eyes and ears to see if even your close friends are in need.” deepzine.com

“A generous person doesn’t hog the limelight but will listen and be interested in others.  The generous-hearted will make light of their own generosity and not be unduly impressed by their owner’s acts of giving.” Mark Tyrrell

“True generosity isn’t about transaction-me doing you a favor so that you can ‘owe me one.’” Mark Tyrrell

“In marriage, generosity is more than tolerating our spouse; it’s bringing out the best in each other and giving each other encouragement to grow.  That means focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses and forgiving mistakes.” MarriageMoments.org

“Generosity inspires gratitude, and gratitude inspires generosity.  God is generous to us and our generosity, as St. Paul tells us, ‘gives proof of our gratitude towards God.’(2 Cor.9:11).” Donald Demarco

“To the calculating mind, being generous seems to be costly.  To the generous heart, being greedy seems incomprehensible.  It is greed that impoverishes us, not generosity.  True generosity, indeed, enriches us a hundredfold” Donald Demarco

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