Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inspirational Quotes for Employees

 “Managers will not hear what workers do not speak.” Leigh Brenham

“It’s not just about being nice to employees just to be nice, although
civility is a standard of behavior to be prized in itself. It’s about taking care
of employees so they will then feel good about taking care of customers.” Leigh Brenham

“…every voluntary avoidable employee departure is a disappointment to be analyzed, learned
from, and corrected.” Leigh Brenham

“…critical thinking is all about you taking charge of your own thinking and owning your life.” Book- Now You’re Thinking

“…in the career world, critical thinking is tied to reward and respect.” Book- Now You’re Thinking

“…the biggest benefit of having good thinking skills is the self-assurance that comes with the ability to think through even the toughest situations and make the right decisions.” Book- Now You’re Thinking

“Introverts, the overwhelmed, and the under connected fail at traditional networking by following advice never intended for us in the first place.” Devora Zack

“You can learn networking techniques that rely on being true to yourself, using strengths you already have. You can learn to work with, rather than fight against, your lovable introverted, overwhelmed, and/or under connected self.” Devora Zack

“Building points of connectivity with others is a critical component of successful networking.” Devora Zack

“People thrive in conditions created by the combination of high-performance expectations accompanied by high levels of support to achieve them.” Graham Jones

“Mental toughness comprises four key skills that form the foundation of sustained high performance: staying in control under stress, channeling your motivation to work for you, strengthening your self-belief, and directing your focus to the things that really matter.” Graham Jones

“Developing ways of challenging the thinking that causes you stress will help you keep things in
perspective when your thoughts are beginning to run away with you.” Graham Jones

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