Friday, December 2, 2011

Leadership Quotes

Anyone can become a leader and these quotes on leadership can help you to see what is needed to become a great one.

Leadership quotes:

“Leadership is a process of becoming.” Useful Stuff 123

“Trust is built upon actions and not merely on words. When mutual respect exists, trust is fostered and confidence is built.” Useful Stuff 123

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.  The last is to say thank you.” Max De Pree

“The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers.” Max Depree

“People are the heart and spirit of all that counts.  Without people there is no need for leaders.” Max Depree

“Leadership is NOT discovered, it is developed. The truly “born leader” will always come out; but to remain on
top, natural leadership qualities must be developed.”  Vas Blagodarskiy

“Many assume that becoming a leader is a self satisfying pursuit. No, it’s not just about who you are. It’s also about what others become because of you.”  Vas Blagodarskiy

“…we can say that leadership starts from a specific goal. It means that you have to set a projected result before you decide to move and accomplish it.”  Vas Blagodarskiy

“If you want to become a successful leader, forget about copying. Each of us has our own level or degree of ability to lead. There are things that you can do that others can’t. You don’t really need to imitate their techniques or style.” Vas Blagodarskiy

“Let your untapped qualities come out not by pressure, but by nature. Some of us are good in speaking; others just seem to have been born in the kitchen. Some are great in stroking their pen, others are gifted with voice.” Vas Blagodarskiy

“Leadership requires positive thinking. Once our minds are spoiled with negative notions, our chances for long-term success diminish.” Vas Blagodarskiy

“Appreciate what potentials you have. Be thankful to God for the gifts you receive from
Him. You won’t possess it without His favor.” Vas Blagodarskiy

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