Thursday, September 25, 2014

Key to Having Faith Quotes

Are you feeling hopeless and wish you had more faith in yourself and God in every aspect of your life? Understanding what faith is can transform you into the person you have always wanted to be. These faith quotes can be helpful in assisting you into making this transformation.

Key to Having Faith-Visualization

Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.” dailyquotes.com

There will be times when life hits you so hard that it feels impossible to go on. You can begin to give up on what you set out to do because you hit a rough spot. However, a person with strong faith sits himself down and meditates on the thing(s) he is after. They imagine that their dreams have already come true no matter how impossible it may seem in real life. The key to having faith is visualizing what you are after and already seeing it before it has actually occurred.

Key to Having Faith- Trust

Faith isn't the ability to believe long and far into the misty future. It's simply taking God at His Word and taking the next step. - Joni Erickson Tada

Trust in God is a major key to having faith because he is the one who is in control. You have to know in your innermost parts that no matter what, God has your back. He is in control of this universe and has the power to make your dreams become reality. As you continue to fulfill your goals and observe him in action you will begin to trust him continuously and depend on him for all things.

Key to Having Faith-Dedication

Once you have faith in your ability to create the life of your dreams, you will be able to completely dedicate yourself to focusing on what you are wanting to create until it becomes a reality for you.” Attractionguides.com
If you want to live a life of faith you have to remain focused on your goals. Think about it everyday without wavering. Persistence in your endeavors will pay off if your remain dedicated and focused. Doing this more and more will make your dreams come to life and you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished. Your faith will continue to grow and grow.

Key to Having Faith- Positive Feelings

Whatever your thinking and feeling today is creating your future.” The Secret
Your emotions along with what you are feeling can help you to have stronger faith. There are times when a day does not go according to plan and something bad may occur. What happens when that one incident occurs? Well, if you allow one event to make you feel upset the chances are that this one thing that was experienced can lead to other negative experiences. On the other hand even, if you refuse to allow that one event to ruin your day by thinking positive thoughts such as, “ My day will get better.” and actually feel it in your heart, your day will continue to go great. Controlling the way you feel is vital if you want to have strong faith.

Visualization, trust in God, dedication, and positive feelings all work hand in hand to create a man of faith. Apply these key to having faith and you will become the master of your fate. You will achieve all of your dreams, even the ones you thought were completely out of your reach.

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