Monday, January 23, 2012

Motivational Time Management Quotes

Many of us find it difficult to incorporate beneficial time management skills into our lives. This can be the case for a number of first year college students. These time management quotes can help college student, as well as anyone who has difficulty managing their time, to better make use of each day.

"It will help you manage your time well if you know where your time actually gets spent." How to Become a Highly Effective Time Manager

"Make two activity lists: "things I like to do" and "things I have to do." Mix up activities from both lists and work on each activity for a short period of time. Alternating between fun and work helps to maintain motivation and interest. " How to Become a Highly Effective Time Manager

"Everyone has high and low periods of attention and concentration...Use your power times to study; use the down times for routines such as laundry and errands." How to Become a Highly Effective Times Manager

"Study in shorter time blocks with short breaks between. This keeps you from getting fatigued and wasting time." How to Become a Highly Effective Time Manager

"Important and urgent- do it now without thinking. Important but not urgent- mark the date in the calendar. Not important but urgent- send any other to represent that and try to keep you away as far as possible. Neither important nor urgent- don't waste time on it." How to Become a Highly Effective Time Manager

"The first thing you need to do before you even begin to manage your time is to get in touch with what you really want from life." Wendy Hearn

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  1. Thanks for sharing these quotes, these are exactly what I am looking for to find inspiration in managing my daily schedule and routine. Thanks!

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