Saturday, October 6, 2012

Joseph McClendon Quotes

Here are some interesting quotes from Joseph McClendon, author of Change Your Breakfast Change Your Life. You will find many effective quotes on self improvement.

“…what we put in our bodies and when we do it will determine the quality of our lives.” Joseph McClendon

“…there is a huge connection between an insufficient breakfast and your overall health and wellbeing, including energy, serious diseases, excess weight and even looks and aging.” Joseph McClendon

“When we don’t have the right nutrition in the morning, it sets up a chain reaction by which the way we feel physically will determine our outward actions and behaviors.” Joseph McClendon

“without one’s health, wellbeing, and happiness, there is no real quality of life.” Joseph McClendon

“Inside each and every one of us exists a seed of absolute magnificence that yearns to be tended so that we may grow and contribute and be, do, and have all that life offers for ourselves and the ones that we love.” Joseph McClendon

“Into every life falls trauma and tragedy. From these fertile episodes, we take the reasoning and knowledge to either carry on in the same way or to shift our being.” Joseph McClendon

“A great deal of change can happen very quickly with just a little bit of knowledge and some simple shifts in our behaviors.” Joseph McClendon

“Legacy is the intellectual property you will pass on to the next generation. It’s the wisdom and knowledge your children and grandchildren will glean from you, and your actions either seen or unseen.” Joseph McClendon

“Your life is one big journey, and regardless of the stage of your journey in which you are, it is a real good idea to decide now that there are great things coming. Expect the best, and you will feel better and move faster in the process.” Joseph McClendon

Fortune favors the bold and life is exactly what you dare to make it. So, let’s boldly dare to make your life MAGNIFICENT!” Joseph McClendon

“The fact of the matter is anything that is more than the average that is worth attaining will usually carry with it a level of discomfort in terms of hard work or discipline.” Joseph McClendon

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