Thursday, September 20, 2012

Motivational Speaker: Dr. Oz’s Health Quotes

Dr. Oz is a well known talk show host who motivates his audience to remain health conscious at all cost so that they can live long lives.  Here are some of his quotes to help you feel inspired to make changes in your health.

“By adding naturally sweet stuff to your meals, like healthy whole and dried fruit, you can trick your taste buds into thinking they’re getting sweets – shutting down cravings before you reach for dessert.” Dr. Oz

“If most of your sugar comes from drinks like soda and juice, dilute it with a half a cup of seltzer. This will immediately reduce your sugar intake by half! Continue to reduce the amount of the sugary drinks you consume as you go and, soon, you won’t even miss them.” Dr. Oz

“…go to your pharmacy and pick up one of the bitter-tasting clear polishes designed to discourage nail biters from biting. Research shows they really can work.” Dr. Oz

“Over time, repeated exposure to loud music can lead to permanent damage… Turn down the volume. If you exercise in a noisy setting, try sound-isolating headphones. They block ambient noise, so you can hear your music at a lower volume.” Dr. Oz

The latest thing isn't always the greatest thing.” Dr. Oz

“Change is possible—but only if you believe it… he more we learn about genetics and disease, the more we realize that DNA isn't nearly as important as lifestyle. People think that if their parents had heart disease or were overweight, they're doomed to the same fate. But you can change your health—if you commit yourself to making good choices.” Dr. Oz

“We regret the actions we don't take more than the ones we do.” Dr. Oz

“It's not about living longer—it's about living better.” Dr. Oz

“Every person has the right to look and feel like a million bucks.” Dr. Oz

“We need a wholesale reevaluation of what health feels like. Most Americans don't even know what that is anymore. I want to tell people, "Listen, there are places where you can focus on your health, and it can actually be simple."

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