Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Internet Marketing Quotes

These marketing quotes are taken from, The Attraction Marketers Manifesto, by Ann Sieg. I liked this e-book because it explains, in the simplest fashion, what it takes to sell in the online world.

“In fact, I’ve found that this is one of the biggest hurdles for many network marketers after they are introduced to this new model of “attraction marketing” or “internet network marketing” for the first time. We’re conditioned by society, our employers, the government, and yes – our MLM companies – NOT to think outside the box. And so when we do discover a new and better way of doing
something, sometimes we don’t even see it for what it is.”

“Once you understand this two-word formula, the internet… marketing…
recruiting… and how to finally start making some money with your home based
business will instantly become crystal clear.”

“Every good marketing or lead generation system has one thing in common.
At their core, no matter how complicated they may seem or how many bells and
whistles they have, what makes them all work is an educational/instructional
message of some sort that is offered to people in exchange for their money or
their contact info.”

“But in today’s over-saturated, over-hyped world where every household has two
computers and three (or four) TV sets and people are bombarded with hundreds
and thousands of sales messages a day, the only way to get attention and make
yourself stand out is to take on the role of a trusted advisor.”

“It is NOT natural to refrain yourself (initially) from telling potential customers about your product… and instead… to teach them how they can accomplish what they want to on their own — WITHOUT having to buy anything from you. That’s why so few people do this and that’s why it works like crazy for those who do.”

Even if you taught your prospect everything they needed to know in order to solve their problem on their own without buying from you…
You’re still going to get the sale and their business! (I know because I’ve done it!) Why? Because at the end of the day, what most people really want is a quick-fix solution that doesn’t require a lot of time and energy (aka – a product).”

“If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business.”Bill Gates

“Now even the most inexperienced newbie on the tightest shoe-string budget can
implement large-scale marketing techniques that used to cost thousands of
dollars – techniques that were basically “off limits” to the average person 10-20
years ago.”

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  2. Great free internet marketing quotes!! I love learning more about internet marking and trying my best to improve my abilities on the internet. I like learning new things.