Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 Quotes about Starting a New Life

Starting a new life can be a challenge.  Let these quotes inspire and guide you in your journey.

 “These days, Iyanla says she has "peace on the inside and the outside." "Before I think I had it on the outside, but there were rumblings on the inside," she says. "So I learned what to do to keep myself peaceful." Instead of living from check to check, she's living prayer to prayer.
"I don't need a check," she says. "I got a God, and that is the peace that allows me to be okay right here right where I am." Iyanla Vanzant, Iyanla Vanzant:Back From the Brink

“How did Iyanla begin to move forward? "I rent instead of own. I shop at Wal-Mart. I do a lot more of my own cooking," she says. "I have a new normal. I have a lot fewer needs. I have absolutely no savings. I wouldn't say that I'm broke. I would say that I'm working class poor. I don't look like I'm dying of starvation." Iyanla Vanzant, Iyanla Vanzant:Back From the Brink

“Every day brings a chance to start over.” Oprah Winfrey

“If you're thinking about making a huge change, especially one that's particularly risky like going back to school or opening your own business, you may want to start out slowly.  You need to make sure the change you're making fits into your life, so talk it out with family members, work out the financials, if necessary, and start small.” Jean Chatzky, Changing Careers

“Making a change, whether big or small, is going to stir up some apprehension. It's completely natural—in fact, most people are terrified of change. At the same time, though, we need change in order to have a full, interesting life.” Jean Chatzky, Changing Careers

“"I believe that when you stop renewing and are no longer open to change and the possibilities that continually unfold, you stop being alive and are just getting through the years. Transformation doesn't happen unless you're willing: It's your choice." Oprah

“…stop focusing on how to meet new friends and start to think about how you might use your time alone to grow. Many people have this idea that being alone means something's wrong with them, but it can be a truly beautiful experience. All you need is some retraining to appreciate solitude. If you have the time (and are willing) to look inside yourself, you can start to ask hard questions that will help you grow.” ivillage.com, Moving On: How to Create a More Meaningful -- and Exciting -- Life

“Life is defined by significant endings as your spirit seeks to empty out 'dead wood' from your life, creating a clear/ clean slate in preparation for the next thirty year life cycle.” Kosmic Kelly, A New Cycle: Is it really happening?

If you can focus on what you already have in your life, and learn to love those parts of your situation, then you will have taken the first step towards starting over, in the here and now!” Angela Goodeve, Is It Ever Too Late to Start Over…Start Fresh 

“The number one thing you need when you are trying to start over is a solid plan.  Big life changes can be paralyzing.  They can leave you feeling afraid, confused and hopeless.A good plan will help you to overcome your paralysis.  It will guide you step-by-step through a process to decide what you want and how to get it.” Jeff, How to Start Your Life All Over Again


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  1. Beautiful collection, every single one of them had their own blow. I especially liked the one by Oprah Winfrey, “Every day brings a chance to start over.” . Superb!!! Thanks for the effort and also thanks for sharing.

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