Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Great Inspirational Quotes for Depression - How to Avoid It

The following are some exceptional quotes for depression and how to prevent it. Don’t let depression stop you from experiencing the many joys of life. I hope they are helpful.

“If we pursue negative thoughts then we give them greater power and influence over our state of being…As soon as we become aware of negative thoughts we should let go of them. We can imagine that we are throwing them out of our mind into a cosmic dustbin.”Tejvan(10 Tips to Avoid Becoming Depressed)

“Activity forces us to do something constructive, and does not allow us to dwell on our depressed state of mind.” Tejvan(10 Tips to Avoid Becoming Depressed)

“If we have made a mistake, harboring feelings of guilt will not help alleviate the situation…Instead of feeling guilty we should seek to concentrate on doing the right thing.” Tejvan(10 Tips to Avoid Becoming Depressed)

“Both light and oxygen rejuvenate the body at the cellular level, and this is enough to lift one’s spirits up and put that magical spring into every step you take. Indeed, natural light and fresh air are critical for depression recovery…” all-on-depression-help.com(How to Overcome Depression Through Self Help)

“Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids work wonders on the neurotransmitters of the brain, and these neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, affect mood…Including a salad during lunch and dinner that includes fresh vegetables like broccoli, spinach, lentil, and tofu, etc, can be extremely nourishing and help bring about a natural balance in neurotransmitter activity, which can certainly help one in how to overcome depression effectively.” all-on-depression-help.com(How to Overcome Depression Through Self Help)

“Science has now shown that even 10- to 20-minute bouts of exercise can provide physical benefits as well as mood-boosting effects—and a brisk walk to look at a neighbor's garden or a bike ride to the bookstore both count.” Gabrielle Leblanc (Five Ways to Break a Downward Spiral)

“…vow never to deliberately create suffering for yourself or others… always own your mistakes and do your best to correct them… forgive yourself when your best isn't good enough. Keeping these commitments creates deep strength that scares off most emotional muggers.” Martha Beck(6 Types of Emotional Muggers and How to Defend Yourself Against Them)

Stop exposing yourself to stresses that occur over and over. This could mean a bad boss, an abusive husband, a boring job or any other stress that is reinforced every day.” Deepak Chopra(How to Heal From Depression)

“As a doctor, I know that someone isn't depressed if they can answer a simple question about a bad situation: Is this something I can fix, something I should put up with or something I need to walk away from? Depressed people deny themselves those key decisions… When depression isn't present, you know what to fix, what to put up with and what to walk away from. Learn how to make such decisions now, and you won't be saddled with future situations that create depression.” Deepak Chopra(How to Heal From Depression)

“When you are depressed, you tend to be isolated, lonely, apathetic, inactive, passive and closed to change. The new doors are exactly the opposite. By introducing a new response, you resist the temptation to fall back on old, stale beliefs. Instead of being isolated, you realize that other people are good for you. Instead of being passive, you see that taking charge is good for you.” Deepak Chopra(How to Heal From Depression)

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