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Motivational Speaker: Inspirational Denis Waitley Quotes

Denis Waitley is a well known author that has inspired others through his words. Read these motivational quotes and feel free to subscribe to his newsletter.

Denis Waitley Quotes:

“When you have even a small success, reinforce that success by rewarding yourself and feeling pride, rather than feeling lucky or guilty for the attention.” Denis Waitley Quote

“Human greatness can't be externally motivated. It must be compelled from within. A magnificent obsession is the way you want to live, not just the things you want to own. A magnificent obsession is the person you want to be, not the title on your office door or business card. A magnificent obsession is the mind-set that you have, not the diplomas or awards you earn. It is the worldview you claim as your own, not the collection of stamps on your passport. It is uniquely yours, like your fingerprint or handwriting.” Denis Waitley Quote

“We should say, "First serve in," for the tennis player. "I'm a punctual, on-time person." "I'm reaching my desired weight." "I speak slowly, clearly and confidently." "I remain calm and relaxed under pressure." These are all positive goal statements, images of achievement, which pull us in the direction of the desired behavior rather than away from the undesired habit.”  Denis Waitley Quote

“…read a biography of someone you admire who has overcome great hurdles to become successful. When you learn what many of them had to endure, you are less overwhelmed by the obstacles you face. Every hardship you face has been endured and conquered by someone before you.” Denis Waitley Quote

“The greatest risk in life is to wait for and depend upon others for your own security.
The greatest security is to plan and act, and take the risk that will ultimately ensure your personal freedom and independence.” Denis Waitley Quote

“No significant decisions—personal or business—have ever been undertaken without the attendant feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and guilt. The commitment to wade through these inevitable crises is the meaning of courage. Denis Waitley Quote

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