Thursday, June 21, 2012

Child Rearing Quotes

Child rearing can be a difficult task.  These quotes can help a parent who is having difficulty raising their child and are in need of help.

“The way an infant reacts to his or her primary caregiver reveals whether or not the child feels the adult has met his or her needs and done so in ways that are pleasing. Contrary to popular belief, a large number of research studies show that this kind of caregiving will not spoil a child.”   Peter Ernest Haiman

“Children who grow up feeling secure in their primary relationship will undergo normal emotional development. They will be equipped to handle constructively most traumas that may occur, either during childhood or later in life.”  Peter Ernest Haiman

“When kids fight over a toy a good way to stop these fights is to get the child another toy to play with…Play with him for a while.  He will get to playing with his toy and stop fighting.” Peter Ernest Haiman

“Often a kid will act evil because he is uptight or tired.  If you can get your child to rest or play quietly for a while, it will help him get himself together….Calm him down and find out what is bothering him.” Peter Ernest Haiman

“…being a good listener helps your child learn more effectively, heed danger signals, get along better with you and her teachers and other adults she’ll be expected to respect, and make better friends.” Mary VanClay

“Squat down or pick your child up, so you can look her in the eye and grab her attention.  She’ll listen much more closely if you sit down next to her at the breakfast table when reminding her to eat up her cornflakes, or perch on her bed at night when telling her you’re about to turn out the light.” Mary VanClay

“State your message clearly, simply, and authoritatively.  Your child will zone out if you harp on a topic too long.” Mary VanClay

“When our children are unreasonable, they are asking for our help.  They need us to set limits for them.  They also need to know that we care about them.  It’s our caring that puts them back on track again.”Patty Wipfler and Dr. Laura Markham

“A limit set empathically so he feels safe—may be just what he needs to trigger a release of his upset feelings. Crying in the safety of your loving presence restores your child to a state of well-being and connection.  Once he feels good again, he’ll “act good”—because our kids naturally want to connect happily with the adults they love.” Patty Wipfler and Dr. Laura Markham

“Be kind but firm…Empathize…Stay close…Reconnect.” Patty Wipfler and Dr. Laura Markham

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