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Norman Vincent Peale Quotes - The Power of Positive Living

The Power of Positive Living 

These Norman Vincent Peale quotes are for anyone who is suffering from negative thinking.  He reveals that if we can get on top of our thoughts and depend on God for help, we can soar to higher and higher heights. What you think is what you will become.  Therefore, thinking positive at all times will yield positive experiences.

Read and think about these Norman Vincent Peale Quotes and take control of your thinking:

“That is the trouble with anyone who takes the wrong way.  It may seem the easiest, most expedient way, but as Jesus Christ taught us: ‘…the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction…’”

“That initial thought, if given residence in the mind, is the spark that ignites the action.  And success or failure depends on whether that thought is positive or negative.”

“Whenever a problem comes up, I try to remind myself, “Now be a thinker.  Think this through in a cool intellectual process…I tell myself, “for heaven’s sake, don’t decide this matter emotionally.”

“…Even the smartest person can do astonishingly stupid things.”

“The safeguard is to think, always think.  And most important is to pray, which I believe is thinking in its highest form.  For then your thoughts are in tune with God, who sees a lot further down the road than you do.”

“Believing is the power of positive living.  It gets things done.  It reverses failure into success.  Believers are achievers.”

“…all belief should be undergirded by a solid trust in the help of God.”

“Several times everyday look in the mirror.  Look yourself straight in the eye and say, ‘Listen you – you are somebody, so start being what you are supposed to be!’  And then stand up to your full height: stand tall, think tall, talk tall, and believe tall.”

“Indeed, the basic principle of success is to be a believer.  Believe in what you do, believe in yourself as able to do what you do.  Believe in people, like them, and be of service to them.  Don’t use them.”

“The best way, I’ve found, to eliminate negative thought is to instantly supplant it with a positive thought.”

“ …say to yourself, even though you may not believe it at first, ‘I am going to be successful.’ as you firmly repeat your strong intention again and again, it will be implanted in your subconscious mind which, in turn, will actually assist you to become what you will to be.”

“Constant reiteration, constant assertion, constant affirmation of the believing attitude, this will help eliminate the negative effect of the constant unbelieving attitude which you have practiced for so long.”

“You might undertake saying aloud a least 25 times a day, ‘I believe God loves me, god wants the best for me, God will guide me – I believe.’  This will drive the new dynamic idea into your non-believing subconciousness.”

“Have the guts to take a risk.  Practice believing in the impossible until impossibilities start becoming possibilities, then actualities.”

“An effective way to counteract the ‘I can’t’ feeling when facing a challenge is to instantly replace it with an ‘I can’ thought pattern.  That will fire you with the confidence to win.”

“…As long as God allows me to live, I will continue to emphasize the undisputed fact that by changing one’s own habitual thought pattern, one can thereby change his or her life.”

“If you will get self doubt out of your mind, and rid yourself of that inferiority complex you are nursing, if you believe that Jesus Christ will help you, if you will give all of yourself to whatever you do, you will get along alright.”

“We become what we think.”

“Think.  If you’ll sit down and really think, you’ll come up with ideas or insight that can change everything.”

“When we are trying to adjust to things that go wrong, we need to recognize that most of what is going wrong usually comes from within ourselves.  If you claim that someone else is the cause of your problem, you are, in effect, saying that your destiny is out of your control.”

“We ourselves are almost always the cause of things going wrong, besides the tragedies out of our control.  A good, sharp, honest analysis will often reveal the truth.”

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